• Scratching – cats need to be able to stretch their entire body.  Some cats enjoy scratching vertically and some enjoy scratching horizontally.  Pay attention to this to know what type of scratching posts you need.  Cats must scratch in order to peel off outer layers of their nails to stay healthy.  A stressed cat will scratch everywhere as their paws have scent glands that tell other animals it’s their territory.  
  • Biting – your cat may want to play with you like he does other cats and may not understand he is playing too rough.  Please avoid using your hands and feet to play with your cat.  You can use a stuffed animal, laser, or toy on a wand to redirect your cat to a more appropriate target away from your body.
  • Hiding – never reach under things for a cat that is scared unless they are in danger.  Try to use food or toys to lure the cat out. Pheromone plug ins like Calm Zone may help your cat feel safer.  There are many other products to assist in calming your cat such as catnip.  
  • Minor aggressions like hissing or smacking at other animals and people are your cat’s way to show displeasure.  They are normal behaviors.  Please respect your cat’s wishes by removing yourself from their space temporarily.  If it’s another animal, usually they can work this out.  If you become stressed, they will become more stressed, and it may escalate.  Try to redirect them with play or distract them from the other animal.

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