A Winning Team

Our amazing team of volunteers are committed to helping animals in our community. We take our convictions and turn them into action. Our founder is a professional cat behavior coach and offers assistance with transition to your home via text free of charge.  She specializes in training ESA cats.

Our History

Seeing a need for a rescue to support our community’s animals, we formed our organization to provide sensible solutions. We’ve grown since then and have become an official non-profit organization, all thanks to the helping hands of this amazing community!  

Animals Are Our Mission

Our mission is to give abandoned and abused companion animals the love, medical care, and hope they deserve.  We help create lifelong connections for people and their pets through education, help with low-cost sterilization, behavioral support, and outreach.

How it all began

Our story starts in 2020 with the Nextdoor app and a starving one year old “feral” (technically undomesticated) cat named Turbo (see below). Through Turbo we discovered the power of community and our ability to help kitties in need. During Covid, a time of great division in our country, we found a light to a greater good together in helping needy animals.  We thank everyone who helped make this happen and in doing so became a vital part of our story and family.

Turbo, who had never been touched by a human, was rescued in Riverside from a cat colony starving, unable to breathe and so close to death he was unable to move. With the help of generous donors, Mira Loma Animal Hospital, and our founder Mindy Lynn, Turbo is now a vibrant, healthy teddy bear to Mindy and we have started A2R in his honor. Now THAT is a success story!  

Success Stories


Mango was abused and had to have a leg removed.  He came to us post-surgery but was very afraid and acted out with his previous foster family.  He is now in a loving forever home with his best friend Goose, another A2R rescue.