You make it possible!

At Act 2 Rescue, we are committed to providing a safe and loving environment for every animal in our care. We are a foster based rescue so we can only rescue as many kitties as we have fosters for them. Sadly, we turn down many kitties daily because there aren’t enough fosters.  We have many important opportunities besides fostering as well. If you want to volunteer but aren’t ready to foster, sign up here. 


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At A2R, when you join our team you become part of our family. We work together to save as many kitties as possible. You will be supported by a team of foster coordinators, behavior specialists, and adoption program that has few return kitties. We pride ourselves in making the experience the best possible for our fosters. 


We will teach you.

Are you new to kitties? Never fear, our team of experts are here to guide you through the process. Maybe you’ve always wanted to start a rescue, we are happy to show you what’s involved and get you started. We are excited to have new team members. We are constantly growing and look forward to educating anyone who wants to learn. Rescue definitely needs as many helpers as possible. Below is one of our best resources for kitten fostering.


We are a foster-based rescue, and we need foster homes for cats of all ages and personalities.  Individual fosters instead of a shelter because this style of rescue helps socialize animals better, has less health problems/outbreaks, and has more people looking for homes for them.  Fostering is a great way to learn about kitties as well and see if you are interested in becoming a forever pawrent or to temporarily teach your family about animal care. Maybe you just love kittens, you could have kittens forever with us because when one leaves there are always new ones. No worry of them ever growing up on you. No matter your reasoning just know it is critical we have fosters. 

Application Process:

1.  Complete a foster application at

2.  Complete a virtual home visit -Text us when your app is complete for an appointment time. 

3.  After your virtual visit, we will let you know if you are approved to foster. If so, please fill out our contract and make sure you are comfortable with the terms and conditions at  

What do I need to be a foster?

1.  A safe space: Any spare room, shower with closing doors or bathroom. 

2. Food/water bowls (any house dish works) & food

3. Cat box: basic is fine, we even use cardboard trays we can throw away every few days. The least expensive cat litter that’s also safe is pine pellets you get at tractor supply hardware in horse bedding for about $6 for 40 lbs.

4. Pet Carrier (for pick up and drop off) -let us know if you need one.

Bottle babies will also need bottles, nipples, a kitchen scale, and a pet safe heating pad or warmer. 

 We teach you what you need to know, help get you started with supplies, and discuss other nice to have items. We usually don’t provide food or litter because it can be hard getting the items to you regularly. However, we will if needed for you to foster. Our priority is your enjoyment of fostering, it should never be a financial burden. We also offer behavioral support if you have any questions.

Fosters will be responsible for updates on the animals’ health, provide pictures and personality information to help with adoptions, and bring pets to meet potential adopters. We also will ask you to bring or make available to pick up for shots/vet appointments we make. 

Kitten Lady has a lot of good information about fostering as well as how-to videos  Fostering 101 — Kitten Lady 


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